Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

The complete duration of an MBBS program in Ukraine is 5.8 years. The students are not required to pass any entrance examination to get admission in a medical university in Ukraine.

About Uzbekistan
Additional Information
About Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is the country in Central Asia lies mainly between two rivers Amu Darya to the southwest and the Syr Darya to the Northeast. The country is bordered by Kazakhstan to the northwest, Tajikistan to the east, Afghanistan to the south and Kyrgyzstan to the north. Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan has a continental climate with hot summers and cool winters. The average temperature in summers is around 40°C & winter temperature is around -2°C. It may fall up to -40°C.

On August 31, 1991, Uzbekistan has celebrated its independence on an account of freedom from the Soviet Union. Turkic is the native language of the country written in the Latin alphabet spoken by approximately 85% of the population.

From the past years, there has been a huge inclination of students for studying MBBS abroad. MBBS in Uzbekistan is one of the worthy decisions for Indian students to study medicine abroad. Studying in medical universities of Uzbekistan provides a higher calibre of education, treating territorial pathology, learning diagnostics, handling the patients, practice in healthcare and many more.

Every year the number of Indian students comes to Uzbekistan for MBBS study. Between the period of 1992 and 2018, the Government in Uzbekistan has spent a lot of effort in providing quality training to medical students.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Uzbekistan

  • Population in Uzbekistan- 32,981,716
  • Space consumed- 447,400
  • Part of a presidential republic
  • Easy immigration process.
  • 5-year Medical Program.
  • Primary taught language is English.
  • Low tuition fees.
  • Follows the international standard.
  • Approved by WHO, FAIMER & MCI.
  • Global Exposure.


Process of MBBS Admission:

  • Apply on the university portal.
  • Send the scanned copies of documents.
  • Get the invitation letter within 48 hours.
  • Pay registration fees.
  • Apply for the visa.
  • Get the visa within 2 weeks.
  • Inform the date of arrival.

Additional Information

Basically, the medium of instruction in medical colleges in Ukraine is Russian and English as well.
• It depends on the students if he/she wants to study MBBS in English or Ukrainian. If a student chooses English then he can start without taking a preparatory course. Despite the fact that Russian is compulsory throughout the MBBS course. Ukrainian and Russian is an obligatory subject in MBBS course. It helps students can communicate with patients during the practical classes. If one doesn’t learn Ukrainian or Russian then there could be problems in the future to be faced by the student.
• If a student chooses English as the medium then there is no need of preparatory course for the local dialect.
• There are maximum 8-10 students in each class. This helps the professors to focus on each student and train them in a better way.
• Modern techniques are used in the lectures such as videos, computer aids, and audio.
• Medical classes are held 5 days a week, excluding Saturday and Sunday. Students get to rest on weekends or they go out to chill and relax their minds after all the study sessions.
• Students are taken out for outings, business sectors, and theaters on a regular basis. This helps them to experience the culture of Ukraine. It also helps them experience challenges to live. This way they get to learn Russian or Ukrainian also.

Top Universities for MBBS Study in Uzbekistan

Andijan State Medical Institute

Bhukhara State Medical University

Samarkand State Medical Institute

Tashkent Medical Academy