Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​

About Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​

Our Lady of Fatima University, formerly known as Our Lady of Fatima College, and also formerly, known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation, incorporated (FMSFI) is a private university in the Philippines. It has three main campuses, one based in Valenzuela city, the other in Quezon city, and the third in Antipolo, Rizal. The university concentrates mainly on allied medical sciences. Its name was derived from the national shrine of Our Lady of Fatima or Pambansang Dambanang Birhenng Fatima (in the Tagalog Language) near the Valenzulela campus, but is not affiliate with the Catholic Church, and welcomes students of all faiths.


In 1979, Dr. Santos and his wife, Mrs. Juliet Olivares- Santos, a chemical engineer, pursued the vision of Mr. Olivares by constructing a modern school building and upgrading the Our Lady of Fatima Hospital to a five storey and 150 bed tertiary hospital in preparation for the opening of the Fatima college of Medicine. In June 1979, the Fatima College of Medicine welcomed its pioneer batch of medical students with Dean Filemon T. Gozum, M.D at the helm of the academic program. Underscoring its civic and humanitarian calling, the Fatima Medical Science Foundation Inc., established the Leonoarajuzgaya Scholarship Grant, which bestows free tuition, board and loading and textbooks to facially challenged but academically gifted medical students.  

Through the years, the Our Lady of Fatima University has responded to the rapid changes in medical science and technology and the social milieu through constant modernization of its facilities and continuing development of its faculty. As a testimony to its outstanding academic program, the Fatima college of Medicine opened its doors and accommodated hundreds of foreign students across the globe. In response to the emerging need for globalization in medical Education, affiliation and clerkship trainings at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, Peninsula Hospital Center in New York, Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, and Harbor Hospital in Baltimore, all in the United States of America; and SIN-LIU Christian Medical Center, Yuan’s General Hospital, Cathay General Hospital, Tuig’s Metro Hospital, Taichung Veteran’s Hospital, Taipel University Medical Center, and yang Ming City Municipal Hospital in Taiwan were made.

OLFU’s College of Medicine is fully accredited by the association of Philippine medical colleges and is ranked 2nd in the Philippine Review Committee (as per 1996-50 to 100 graduates). We are listed in the World Health Organization Geneva of recognized medical schools.


Fully accredited by the association of the Philippine medical college ranked 2nd in the PRC report (as per 1996 for 50 to 100 graduates) listed in the World Health Organization Geneva recognized medical schools Fatima has an ongoing clerkship program with the Peninsula Hospital Center in New York and Jackson Park in Chicago.

Why Choose a University in the Philippines? | Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​

  • Cutting edge curriculum
  • Integrated problem-based learning approach
  • English speaking country
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Affordable living costs
  • Screening test preparation for the licensing examination required by medical council of the students home countries
  • USMLE (United State Medical Licensing Examination) test preparation
  • Safe environment
  • Well established infrastructure in the universities and hospitals
  • Excellent boarding and loading provide by the universities
  • International exposure
  • Located in the heart of Asia, with easy access to many parts of the world, especially Asia


Nursing Graduates of OLFU are one of the Most Sought after Professional here and abroad. Needless to say, it is a distinction we have earned from our almost 30 yrs of excellence in educating healthcare practitioners.   As one of the nation’s Premier Universities, OLFU prepares students with knowledge and competencies necessary to meet the increasingly complex healthcare needs of society today.

We have been consistent top notches in the Nursing board Examinations for the past 3 years. OLFU intensive and extensive clinical experience sets our graduates apart from the rest. We give students valuable opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills at the Fatima medical Center, the University teaching tertiary hospital. Our virtual laboratory provides advance learning facilities and ensures an excellent learning environment. The college’s curriculum integrates review programs for emanations necessary for employment in the U.S. Tofel and CGFNS (commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools).

OLFU College of nursing is the first NCR nursing program to be accredited Level III by the Philippine Association of colleges and university commission on accreditation in educating healthcare practitioners. As one of the nation’s premier Universities, OLFU Prepares students with Knowledge and Competencies necessary to meet the increasingly complex healthcare needs of society today.

Our Lady Fatima University (OLFU) Facilities

  • Virtual laboratories
  • Hospital environment simulators
  • Access to Fatima University Medical Center and other partner institutions
  • Industry partners
  • Beijing Dongfeng University
  • Bethune Medical College
  • Dalian Medical University, China
  • Qiqihar Medical University, China
  • Wiki International Training Center


  • Center for Development (CHED)
  • First NCR institution to achieve a level III re-accredited status
  • Accredited for international employment in USA, UK, Middle East and other countries
  • Constant top rankings in nursing licensors exams, PRC (July 2011 NLE – Top 5 & 6)     


Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​ Philippines – Admission Route

College of Dentistry​

Our Lady of Fatima University’s leadership in education itself in each of its institutions. In 1999, the college of dentistry garnered a 100% passing mark in the dental licensor examinations. As outstanding achievement made greater by a repeat performance in 2000 when they again garnered a 100% passing rate. The pre-clinical laboratory houses full- class dental training simulation phantom units designed to help students gain full working knowledge and manual skills prior to treating live patients. The pre- screened case. You wiII also find an isolated operator for the management of clinical cases with high teaching and learning values. It is equipped with a closed circuit audio-visual documenting unit that simultaneously projects actually procedures in the different lecturing and operatory areas.

Access to cutting-edge equipment and facilities gives the Fatima student a clear advantage. The college features facilities for didactic lectures, clinical seminars, pre-clinical laboratory and clinical operator’s works. The college of dentistry implements one of the more innovative competency-based dental   curriculums. The college includes curricular enrichment such as pedagogy and perspective in dentistry; and is the first to offer infection control, conscious sedation and forensic dentistry as separate curricular offerings. A unique element of the program is the inclusion of venipuncture exercises that allow students to acquire the competency to do intra-venous infusion medication and sedatives. Access to cutting edge equipment and facilities give the Fatima student a clear advantage. The college features facilities for didactic lectures, clinical seminars. Pre-clinical laboratory and clinical operator works.

OLFU College of dentistry is recognized as the top performing school by PRC and has garnered 100% passing marks in the dental licensor emanations in the past years. It has an ongoing 5 yrs memorandum of agreement with the Hong Kong University faculty of dentistry; and an international, agreement of cooperation with Kanagawa Dental College Japan.

Accreditations and Achievements

Pacucoa Accredited

ISO 9001: 2000 accredited for higher educational institution 

ISO 90001: 2008 certified standards for educational institution

Recognized as one of the top performing dental schools for the Past 14 years by the board of dentistry of the PRC for exemplary school board performance.

Institutional member of the South East Asian association for dental education Dean Arturo De leon, DMD Founding Dean of the college of dentistry-elected president of South East Asian association for dental education and Philippine dental association.


Pre-clinical laboratory with full class dental training simulation phantom units designed to help students gain full working knowledge and manual skills clinical operator with fully automated professional dental chairs and delivery units for actual management of pre-screened cases operatory equipped with closed circuit audio-visual documenting units that simultaneously projects actual procedures in the different lecturing and operatory areas.


Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​ of Hospitality and Institutional Management

The college offers two baccalaureate courses namely: A Ladderized program for the Bachelor of Science in hotel and restaurant Management and Bachelor of Science in travel management. IN 2007, to keep abreast of the changing developments in the field of hospitality, the college changed its name to college of hospitality management.

BS in hotel and restaurants managements was first offered in 1995 and was housed in one of the nursing buildings at the main campus along Mc. Arthur highway in Valezuela city. In 1998, in response to the call of globalization and better equip its students, the college sent its senior students abroad their practicum thus joining the international practicum training program. The following year, in December of 1999, CHED granted the college its recognition.

 The clamor to provide quality training for its students Paved the way to try other forms and venue on board training become a means to meet the required practicum hours for the senior HRM students. Thus the 1st on- board training was held in 202, aboard super ferry in 2005, the college applied for Pacucoa accreditation and in 2007, the college was granted candidate status ‘by the Pacucoa BS in travel management is a newly opened courses under the college of hospitality management and was offered in 2007-2008, with an initial population of approximately 85 students. OLFU is the only university in Valenzuela to offer the course. The college opened the course in response to the growing tourism in the Philippines and other countries.

 The college, with its increasing student body, was moved from the nursing Badge to Dr. VM Santos Bldg in 1996. In May of 2007, the college found its home in the newly constructed San Lorenzo Bldg, a 5- floor building at Serrano Street, Marulas, and Valenzuela.

The new facility showcases cutting edge kitchen equipments, appliances and hotel amenities; and spacious and well-ventilated rooms. In 2001, CHIM revealed its new kitchen auditoriums to better demonstrate and teach new culinary techniques.

All programs are available in all three OLFU locations, with complete facilities for each campus


The OLFU CHIM faculty members are notable professionals in the field of hospitality and tourism industry. They are recognized in their field of profession nationally and globally. Their commitment to excellence is evident in active professional careers enhanced by strong academic preparations. They were given constant professional development, with programs that make them become more effective providers of Learning. They are members of accredited industry organization such as AAHRMEI, COHREP, UFTE and NDAP. They were also able to win awards from different prestigious national competition like COP and NFS.               


Students experience all aspects of hotel operations, food and beverage service management. CHIM has provided a fully equipped mini Hotel with a reception area and housekeeping area. Sustaining the enhancement of skills in food baking production, generous hands-on experience is provided in well ventilated food laboratories. A beverage laboratory with a functional bar is also provided for hands-on learning on various beverage preparation and service techniques.

Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​ Highlights & Achievements

The different programs under the college of hospitality & institutional management were accredited by the Philippine association of colleges and universities commission on accreditation and association of Christian schools, colleges and universities are organizations certified by the federation of accrediting agency of the Philippines, is responsible for accrediting educational institutions, recently, the college was certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) as ISO 9001: 2008.


College Of Criminology

Intellectually challenging, advancing criminology research and processes. The college empowers men and women to explore their Interests and ideas, allowing them to experience the thrill and excitement of discovering new processes and methods to advances the practice of criminology and its allied fields. OLFU College of criminology consistently provided above average passing rates in local licensor examinations. It is the leading criminology school in the CAMANAVA area equipped with complete police science laboratory facilities and digital polygraph machine.

The main programs of study in the college are geared towards careers in scientific crime detection, police administration, criminal justice system administration, correctional and jail management system and penology. It aims its student with the knowledge and technical skills that will help them successfully practice law enforcement and contribute to the criminal justice system with the end objective of enhancing public safety and security.

The ever growing college works hand-in hand with its alumni and faculty to further strengthen the criminology program. Through the alumni, faculty and industry partners, the student get exposed to work scenarios and life accounts and experience based learning.


The Bachelor of Science in Criminology program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in the study of historical and contemporary program is a four year program. The students have to undergo Internship/on the job training and community immersion for one semester during their fourth or senior year in the program.

Career Opportunities

There are many career options available for criminology graduates. They can be geared towards professional services for upholding community and societal justice. Or even focus on to investigation and detective work. To name a few career options available:

Police officer, Criminologist, Crime Sociologist, Law Enforcement administrator, Correctional Administrator, Fire Officer, Security Professional, Criminal Investigator, Intelligence Officer, Private Detective, Sea/ Air Marshall, Signature Verifier 


College Of Maritimes Studies

In October 1996, the college of maritime education was established in Maysan Road, Valenzuela city accommodate student in the CaMaNaVa area and other neighboring cities and towns in Bulacan a pampanga. Spearheading this was Dr. Vicente Santos, St., Dr. Juliet O. Santos, CaptHermogenesBitanga, 2/0 Ariel Macute and Engr. ThadeusJovellanos. In April 2000, the college was certified by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) to ISO-9002:1994: the college was also accredited with 100% passing mark on BSMAT and BSME evaluation. Again, On December 2006, the ABS issued the college a certificate of conformance as set for the by ISO 9001:2000.

The college facilities and equipments meet international standards like well equipped simulation rooms, RADAR/ ARPA and GMDSS simulators, mock bridge with complete electronic equipment and navigational aids seamanship laboratory with complete seamanship tools and paraphernalia, boiler system and marine machineries and auxiliaries. At Present, our graduates are reaping their professional success of being employed on board international vessels, passing the entrance examination given by the different respected shipping companies and manning agencies with flying colors.

Program Offerings

BS Marine Transportation (BSMT)

A professional course which deals with ship navigation. Navigation is the art bringing a ship from one point another in the shortest and fastest way. Marine transportation is an essential global industry for shipping that boosts the world economy as well as tourism.

Program Duration: Basic studies and training (3 Years) apprenticeship on board a ship (1 year)

BS Marine Engineering (BSME)

A professional course which deals with maintenance and operation of various machineries that makes ships run and perform the its capabilities in navigation and shipping

Program Duration: Basic studies and training (3 Years) apprenticeship on board a ship (1 Year)

TESDA Accredited: Seafarer’s Rating Course (SRC)

A one year program that deals with ship stewardship. 10 months of the program will be dealing with basic studies and 2 months will be on the job training SRC takers will also have the chance to board both domestic and international ships.

Facilities & Highlights

Radar/ ARPA world class bridge simulator (GMDSS- POSEIDON SYSTEM) seamanship laboratories (full Equipped with tools) boiler system marine machineries/auxiliaries – ISO 9001: 2008 certified accredited by maritime industry authority member, Philippine association of maritime institutes Inc.

MBBS in Philippines at Our Lady Of Fatima University (OLFU) Academics

College of Paramedic

Fatima’s paramedic diploma program gives you a solid grounding in the knowledge and skills needed for this intense, fast paced profession. Learn how to effectively deal with medical and traumatic emergencies through practical courses in paramedical science: human anatomy, physiology and psychology: pharmacology: patient lifting and transfer techniques and reduce Procedures. You’re in- depth paramedic training will also include instruction in the communication skills needed to interact with patients and to collaborate with colleagues in a health-care team.  

Learn about the various contexts in which paramedics work and put classroom concepts to use through two clinical practice courses, which will expose you to the role paramedics in a chronic care setting, and in hospital departments such as acute and emergency care. Two field internships will give you first hand work experience on an ambulance service as you evaluate and treat patients under the supervision of a paramedic preceptor.   


Our MPH program gives you a thorough understanding of all the main discipline of public health, providing a strong basis for a high level career in the field. The core modules cover epidemiology and qualitative research methods, including the application of appropriate study designs, their critical appraisal and the essential Principle and for ethical practice. You’re person health to public health nutrition.

In addition to the subject matter knowledge you gain, you will develop additional cognitive, team, communication, research, ICT, numeracy and project planning skills that are eminently transferable within the sector. You will complete your programmed with a dissertation based on your own original public health research guided by an expert in your chosen field.


Fatima MBA programs (Master in Business Administration) enable you to earn a high level, specialist qualification, acquiring a skill set and expertise that could benefit you in any business environment.  These degree programs will prove invaluable to anyone wishing to success in the world of business, and will enable you to gain both the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in a cutting edge business environment. With sort of qualification you can look forward to a rewarding career, a good salary, and a challenging and interesting role with great promotional prospects.


Our Lady of Fatima University has been founded in 1967, it is one of the best institutions in Philippines in the field of medical education. Medical professionals have graduated from Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)​ right from then. The University’s long-standing commitment is to give better education and facilities in order to increase the number of international students and their admissions. Students who attend Our Lady of Fatima University will be definitely exposed to a country whose identity is strong and whose heritage is diverse.