Anhui Medical university

The Anhui Medical university one first prize in Higher Education Institutes Scientific Research Award for extraordinary achievements. Then one second prize in the national award for Science and Technology Progress. Then four first prizes in Chinese Medical Science and Technology and two China Science Awards for Young Scientists. Along with that, more high quality SCI papers have been published on most popular academic journals like Nature Genetics, Cell and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Why Study Mbbs in Anhul Medical University

  • 18700+ Students
  • 3733+ Academic Staff
  • Faster admission process
  • Zero donation
  • Low hostel & tuition fee


Anhui Medical University has the longest history among all the High schools in the Anhon region, so, it should be noted that there is accumulated knowledge, rich history, and culture in the university.

The university typically has won a national second prize for teaching. Two faculty members of the university hold directorships on the Committee of Dermatology and Venereology of Chinese Medical Society and on the Committee of Clinical Pharmacology of Chinese Pharmacological Society. Four faculty members have been elected to the international and national status of the project “International-, National-, and Provincial-level Talent.” Two faculty members have been specified by the Ministry of Education as “Teaching Cadre” title holders. Five faculty members have been designated by the Ministry of Health as “Young and/or Middle-aged Experts with Spectacular Contributions.” Two faculty members hold the title of “Wanjiang Scholar”, a specially appointed professorship. Five faculty members have been singled out as experts on the Advisory Board of College-level Medical and Pharmaceutical Disciplines of the Ministry of Education.