Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Established in 1939, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA) is one of the oldest medical universities of Kyrgyzstan. The first batch of the University consisted of about 200 students. The universities of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Tashkent, Tashkent and more helped immensely in the establishment of it in the capital of Kyrgyzstan i.e. Bishkek. KSMA is considered as the prime university among all medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan.

In the University, there are more than 540 faculty members. KSMU is recognized by WHO, FAIMER, IMED as well as by MCI. Students can appear for USMLE, PLAT, NZREX, etc. for further studies in various countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, etc.

Apart from general medicine, stomatology & pediatrics is also available for students from India. The medical library of KSMA is one of the largest in whole of Kyrgyzstan comprising of more than 4, 00,000 books and also having digital reading material in CD’s which provide suitable videos and illustrations too.


  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Pediatrics
  3. Faculty of Dentistry
  4. Faculty of Pharmacy
  5. Faculty of medical & Preventive Care
  6. Faculty of Nursing


Student life

KSMA provides best quality facilities and infrastructure for its students. The education in KSMA is not just confined to the lecture halls. Students are provided with the best opportunities to participate in various extra-curricular activities such as conferences, clinical rotations, seminars, and projects.

There is a very healthy and friendly atmosphere in the campus of KSMA. The hostels are well-equipped with all the basic amenities like air conditioning, a laundry, electricity, heating system, internet access, kitchen, T.V., and water supply. The campus has various activity centers such as a library, gym, sports complex and much more. The campus is secured with 24 hour security system and guards.


Why study MBBS in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

  1. Kyrgyz State Medical Academyis the Kyrgyzstan Republic’s ranked 1st among the higher medical and health science institutes.
  2. This government university was established in 1939.
  3. It is the main medical education center in Central Asia.
  4. Located in the capital city thus giving easy access to the Manas International airport and other means of transportation.
  5. This university for pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is MCI and WHO approved.
  6. The curriculum is benchmarked to International standards.
  7. The degree is accepted in many countries like European Union, Asia, FAIMER, and ECFMG.
  8. The study medium in Kyrgyz State Medical Academyis English.
  9. 600 highly qualified faculty members among whom some are academicians of Kyrgyz Republic while some are members of NAS Kyrgyzstan and the candidates of science with Ph.D. degrees carry out teaching at the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
  10. MCI coaching is also available to students pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
  11. This university has a great infrastructure.
  12. Institute is equipped to train students. To top it, all types of diagnostics, thermo vision, angiography, endoscopic technique, and highly effective means of treatment by hyperbaric oxygenation, laser therapy, and modern efferent methods of detoxication are used.
  13. The medical library of Kyrgyz State Medical Academyis one of the biggest in the whole of Kyrgyzstan including more than 4,00,000 books, with 16 branches and five reading halls. The library comprises of digital reading material in CD’s offering suitable videos and illustrations too, which will help students to understand their stream of knowledge very well. The electronic library in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy was established in the year 2005. There are two reading halls with computers with medical education materials.
  14. The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy admission is hassle-free as no entrance examination is required.
  15. Doing MBBS in Kyrgyz State Medical Academygives a great opportunity to exchange the program with the medical universities of USA, Russia, and Switzerland which equips the students with the knowledge, skill and practical exposure.
  16. All hospitals located in the Bishkek City associates with Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
  17. Many Indian students have experienced the best MBBS courses in this university which is quite clear from the reviews. For Kyrgyz State Medical Academy reviews one can refer toSTUDYWELL. STUDYWELL is the best MBBS consultant in India.


Kyrgyz State Medical Academy hostels Features

The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy hostels are located just on the backside of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy main campus. Accommodation units are fully furnished with Refrigerator, Microwave oven, kettle, kitchen, bookcase, single bed, 2-door wardrobe etc. The dining area in the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy hostels dining room consists of 6-seater dining tables, coffee tables etc. Every room has an automated heating device that runs 24×7 during the winter season to maintain optimum temperature in the hostel room. Toilets and bathrooms having a regular 24×7 cold and hot water supply are located on each floor. The third floor of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy hostel is mainly for the female students pursuing MBBS in China. A female warden is responsible for the safety of the girls. The fifth floor of the hostel is only for the male students.


Kyrgyz State Medical Academy ranking

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy ranking is 12 among the top universities in Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the best universities to pursue MBBS in Kyrgyzstan. It is accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO). According to the 4 International College and University ranking, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy ranking is 9773 in the world out of the 11,000 universities. Thus it is becoming the top choice of students aspiring to study MBBS abroad.


Kyrgyz State Medical Academy reviews

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy reviews from the Indian students pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan reflects positivity. The excellent quality of education and the comfortable accommodation facilities lived up to the students’ expectations even at such a low cost. For Kyrgyz State Medical Academy reviews one can refer to STUDYWELL. STUDYWELL is the top MBBS consultant in India.