Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU), Ukraine is one of the oldest government universities in Ukraine. The University was founded in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkiv University. It was later renamed as Kharkiv Medical Institute and then as Kharkiv State Medical University and presently it is known as Kharkiv National Medical University.

Kharkiv National Medical University is amongst the best medical universities for MBBS in Ukraine for Indian students who wish to study medicine in Europe. Historically, the University has been a top medical educational institution in Ukraine. The Degree of MBBS (MD – General Medicine) of Kharkiv National Medical University is prestigious and it is recognized worldwide.

Indian students are taught in English medium at the university. Practical training of the students starts from the 4th year and is arranged in the municipal hospitals and clinics of Kharkiv city. Students are given the task to examine the patients, give urgent aid, fill case histories with their subsequent analysis, and work at X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories.

Since 1951, Kharkiv National Medical University has been training doctors from different countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Presently more 4,600 foreign citizens are studying at Kharkiv National Medical University (Medical / Dentistry / Pharmacy Faculties, and PG course). More than 7,500 international students have graduated from KNMU since 1951. Among former graduates of the University, there are ministers and members of parliaments in various countries, outstanding scientists and famous specialists who founded their own clinics abroad.


The degree of Kharkiv National Medical University is recognized and highly respected all over the world. KNMU is recognized by the Medical Council of India. This means that students who qualify NEET will be eligible to sit for MCI Screening Test/FMGE upon their return to India. The MD degree (equivalent to MBBS in India) which a student receives after graduating from Kharkiv National Medical University is also recognized by WHO and General Medical Council.


Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the top-ranked medical universities in Ukraine. The university ranks at 5th place among higher medical educational establishments of Ukraine in the scientometrical database SCOPUS. The university is one of the best for Indian students.

MBBS in Ukraine Curriculum

Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) offers a 6-year medical course that leads to MD (equivalent to MBBS/General Medicine). During this 6-year program, the students learn different subjects, ranging from fundamental subjects disciplines to special medical subjects.

The Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) is known worldwide for its innovative approach to teaching, clinical training and research programs. Admission to the medical faculty takes place after signing a contract. Foreign students study in a group of seven-eight students. The second-year students attend their clinical studies where they can gain experience in nursing the patients. Clinical subjects are taught from the beginning of the third year of study. All six years of the program are important and all must be passed successfully before students are permitted to graduate from KNMU.

Here is the course description with detailed MBBS syllabus:

For 6 years of training 13,474 hours out of them:

Humanitarian subjects — 1,576 hours
Social-economic subjects — 432 hours
Fundamental /general scientific/ subjects — 2,180 hours
Professionally oriented subjects — 6,098 hours
Elective courses — 324 hours
Practical training — 972 hours
Sub internship /in the 6th year — 1,892 hours


Kharkiv National Medical University offers hostel facility to all its students. The hostel provides fully furnished rooms, and the campus is located nearby to the University.

The hostels feature 24-hour access to security and emergency services, making it easy to get assistance when the students need it along with CCTV security, hostel guard, and discipline control to secure safety in the hostel. As a campus resident, the students can also use all the services such as Campus Security, counseling services and health services.

Accommodation is guaranteed for all the Indian students who wish to study in KNMU. There are several accommodation options and it is important to consider whether you prefer an independent life style outside the hostel or enjoy living in a student community. Combining the convenience of living on the campus with access to services will help you excel academically providing the opportunity to build lasting relationships, and comfortable, effective studentship.

All the rooms in hostels are provided with WI FI network and furnished fully to make feel students like living at home. Rooms vary in size and facilities. All the different types of rooms (single, double, triple) are equipped with beds, mattress, pillow, desk, chair, heater, lightening etc., which students may need for studying and relaxation. There are areas for playing sports and communication.

Kharkiv National Medical University Admission

The Total College Fees Kharkiv National Medical University is Low and Affordable for Indian Students.

The Standard of Education for MBBS in Ukraine is Very High Quality and Teachers/Lecturers here are highly qualified and leaders in their field.

No Admission Test such as IELTS or GMAT is required for Admission in Kharkiv National Medical University for MBBS in Ukraine. The Admission Process is very simple and Global Medical Foundation will help you out in the entire process.

Kharkiv National Medical University is a part of the Bologna Process [The Bologna Process is a series of ministerial meetings and agreements between European countries designed to ensure comparability of the standards and quality of higher education qualifications] which ensures a high quality of education.

The World Ranking of Kharkiv National Medical University is very high.

The degree awarded by the Kharkiv National Medical University of Ukraine is Globally Recognized by International Bodies and Organizations such as the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine), FAIMER, UNESCO and AMEE.

The students who have completed their medical degrees from Kharkiv National Medical University University in Ukraine are eligible to apply for International Licensing Exams like MCI Screening Test, USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), as well as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.

Very Low Annual Fees– Studying MBBS in Ukraine costs 70% lower than the Private Medical Colleges in India. No Donation & no Hidden costs.

Guest lecturers/professors and visiting faculty of the Universities in Ukraine include Globally Acclaimed Teachers and working professionals who are able to share their knowledge and experience with the young minds.

Cost of living is also affordable in Ukraine.

The medium of instruction is English for studying MBBS in Ukraine

Studying MBBS in Ukraine provides a gateway to other European Countries as it has bilateral student agreements in place with countries such as Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others thus making it easier for students to study in other European nations.

The Faculty to Student Ratio is about 1:14 – Small class size ensures that Students get individual attention.

More than 4,000Indian students are currently studying at MBBS in Ukraine.

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