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Mari State Medical University is a Classical University of Mari EI Republic, a Member of the Volga Regions Association of Classical Universities, a member of the Russian Association of finno-Ugric Universities. Mari State University Founded in 1972.

Mari State Medical University is a non-profitpublic higher education institution. The University is located in the city of Yoshkar Ola, the capital of Mari EI Republic. Mari EI is Known for its natural beauty, beautiful lakes and coniferous-deciduous forests. It is located to the east of the East European plain, in the middle reaches of the Volga River. The majority of the republic is located on its left bank. Mari state Medical University is a member of the Volga Regions Association of classical Universities a member of the Russian Association of Classical Universities and the founder of the Association of Finno – Ugric Universities.

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Currently more than 8000 students from various countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh are studying MBBS in MSMU. Almost 2500 students are residing in the University hostels.The Faculty members of MSMU are highly experienced including almost 100 doctors of sciences and professors and 400 candidates of sciences and associate professors. The University has a large campus that comprises 7 educational buildings and 8 hostels. Mari State University has a large library which was established in October 1972. The Library consists of 12 departments 7 reading halls and 7 Subscriptions.

The duration of MBBS in Mari state University is 6 years. The Medium of instruction in the university is English which is become a benefit for the international student to adapt in a better way. The students are provided with hands on training and clinical rounds with their seniors. This helps them in gaining better knowledge and experience in their respective fields. The Quality of Education in Mari State University is very good and is comparable to the European standards. MSMU follows the international curriculum. The Classrooms and laboratories in MSMU as well equipped with all the modern infrastructure and technology.

Why choose Mari State Medical University, Russia 2023?

Student Life Mari State Medical University, Russia 2023 so Diverse that anyone can find something to his/ her liking – scientific Communities, interests clubs, sports, schools, volunteering, charity work, Public work, cultural events, and as a whole – constant movement, development, exchange of experience and communication with students from other higher educational institutors in Russia and other countries throughout the World.

There are student scientific societies in each faculty or institute, with the university’s main student scientific society as the center uniting them, which offers participation in youth forums, seminars, and conferences on the city, republican, regional, national, and international levels. This serves as an opportunity for students to exchange experiences with students from different cities, and to get acquainted with the culture and sights of beautiful cities in Russia and around the world while travailing.

During the academic year our students take active part in different types of events, creative  competitions and project, such as; the first year students festival of creativity “voice of youth” in which each faculty or institute presents a program which includes different genres of arts: choreography, vocal and instrumental compositions, theatrical performance.

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Our students are actively engaged in social and Project activity: writing grants, doing projects in different areas, such as: business, innovative and scientific activity, art square, patriotic education volunteering student Government, youth and media technologies.

In summer the whole population of the friendly kingdom of “Mari State University” can relax in a magnificent place of the Mari EI Republic- on the shore of one of the biggest and purist lakes.

“Yalchick” or in the sports camp “olympiads where everything contributes to a fine rest and the enjoyment of nature. There the student can also gain strength and energy for the next academic year.

MBBS in Mari State Medical University, Russia 2023 Faculties

Mari State University comprises of 6 faculties and 5 institutes that are specialized to train well-educated physicians for most sectors of the Russian national economy. Mari State University is one of the five Founder members of the International Association of Finno-Ugric Universities, one of the forty-one Members of Russia’s Association of Classical Universities.


Scientific library of Mari state university was Founded in October 1972. To the 35th anniversary of the university the library became one of the leading libraries of republic Mari EI. Regina A. padova had been the first head of the library till 2005. Nowadays the library Department is Headed by vladimir V. Lexicon. The Staff of the Library on 1 February 2008 consisted of 114 people.

Since 1988 scientific Library is the Methodological Library center of higher and secondary professional Educational. Establishments of republic Mari EI. This community consists of 18 libraries. From 1996 the library is the member of the inter-regional business libraries association. In 1997 the library was granted

Membership of the international scientific and late in 1999 it became the member of Russian Library

Association (the section of University Libraries) Since 2003 the Establishment has been the

Mari State Medical University, Russia 2023 Fees, Eligibility 2023

Member of the inter-regional analytical list of article Project and since 2007 has been the Participant of

Electronic Documents Delivery Project in the Framework of the Regional Library Community Association.

The Courses of Additional Education can be attended by the students in the Framework of the Library.

Several centers are functioning with the library in common:

Methodological Centre

Centre of Educational and Informational Support

European Union Informational Centre

The aim of the Methodological centre is to render Methodical assistance to introduce new library and

Information technologies and to raise the level of librarians skills (academic and research conferences seminars courses for librarians of different systems and departments.) The centre of Educational and informational support is the complex subdivision of the library which renders library and informational services to the teachers of Educational Institutions, students, Librarian on the relevant problems of Educational Development. 


Mari state university has 10 hostels which are fully furnished. The rooms are centrally heated. Furniture and beds are Provided Individually to all the Students. Hostels have 24 x 7 CCTV security surveillance. Hostels are surrounded by green bit with all the outdoor sports Facilities.  

Republic & City Mari EI a Land of Great natural beauty, rich in beautiful lakes and coniferous- deciduous forests. It is located to the East of the East European Plin, in the middle reaches of the volga River the Majority of the Republic is located on its left bank the length of the territory from North to South is 150 km and from West to East. It is 275 km in the south the Mari EI   Republic Borders the Chuvash Republic and the Republic to Tatarstan in the west it borders the kirov ablest. The length of the borders of Mari EI Exceeds 1200 km and the total area is 23.4 thousand square kilometers the population of the republic is about 7000 thousand people.

The Official languages are Mari and Russian The Climate is moderately continental with long cold winters and warm summers the average summer temperatures range from +18 , +20c in summer to -18, -19 c in winter the hottest weather is in the middle of July.

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