Kazan Federal University is one of the most foremost campuses of Russia. It is present in Kazan, Russia. Kazan Federal University established in 1804 with the name of Kazan Imperial University. In 1925, the university got its name changed to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin). The university obtained its position of Federal in 2010. Kazan Federal University has contributed in the “5-100” Russian Academics Excellence Project prearranged by the Government of the Russian Federation. The university has 16 institutes, three high schools, and regional branches.

When international students are coming for MBBS in Russia at this university they will be going to get the atmosphere which they have not expected as well. In comparison with India, a student will be going to get all those facilities which they have not expected as well. Moreover, it is quite interesting to note that every year they participate in different tournaments, and victory always hits their doors. The biology and medicine institute has already got the name in the world directory of medicinal school, and it is serving students with the best results only. If a student is facing any trouble, they can also report about the higher authorities as they are efficient enough in taking immediate actions.


MBBS in Russia 2021 gets easier with our uncompromising assistance and application support. Before doing that, here are some reasons why you must apply at Kazan Federal University for your MBBS degree.

  • Kazan Federal University hosts over 50,000 students in several types of programs.
  • Students from almost 101 countries come to study here every year.
  • A team of 4,000 faculty members stands strong to help, teach and guide the students.
  • 157 invited and guest lecturers from renowned universities deliver lectures here.
  • The campus is always under the strict surveillance of both trained security guards and the latest electronic devices.
  • Education is made better with each passing day and students enjoy their stay during the 6 years course.


MBBS in Russia is well recognized worldwide. Kazan Federal University is WHO certified, and it is also known by the MCI (Medical Council of India) and UNESCO. Its biology and medicine institute has got its name in the World Directory of Medicinal Schools.