UV Gullas College of Medicine

Campuses and location

MBBS in Philippines  and experience the strongest combination of economization and education. Apply through our expert team of Study Abroad Consultants, Philippines, to undertake highly-affordable medical education while availing world-class learning facilities only at UV GULLAS School of Medicine.

As a top-ranking medical College in Cebu City, UV GULLAS encompasses one of the most cost-effective educational ecosystems, while facilitating premier study curriculums. Established in the year 1919, the college is virtuoso when compared to the competition and prides it of successful alumni who are proven achievers across diversified fields. At the University Of Visayas Gullas School Of Medicine, we prepare students to excel across global landscapes.

As Philippines is well known as Best country for mbbs course and most of top medical colleges in Philippines, UV Gullas stands top for Indian students in facilitating them with world class infrastructure, quality in education with quality experienced professors from top hospitals delivering quality education to international students, rightly names as best medical college in Philippines.

We are certified by the WHO, MCI, CHED, USMLE, FAIMER, ECFMG, GMC…Etc.



It is our vision to provide to every talented student with accessibility to functional, high-grade studies at affordable costs. We endeavor to improve educational reach ability through innovation and strategy while even contributing to enhancement in quality of life for deserving individuals.


UV GULLAS aims to transform society through medicine. We strongly believe that we play a crucial role in the metamorphosis by imparting excellence through medical education programs. These are designed to deploy next-gen clinicians and specialists who will be exemplary role models in their own right. While fostering high integrity, our outputs involve honesty, accountability, trustworthiness, and technical inquisitiveness. With intrinsic planning and organization, we aspire to ingrain excellence in every student to provide effective, innovative, responsive and timely solutions.



There are two campuses in Cebu City, the main University campus located in the downtown Cebu City area and the laboratory high school in Pardo. The main campus in Cebu City is a multi-storied building that is equipped with several facilities for the students. Living spaces are fully air-conditioned with attached bathrooms. Students also have access to free Wi-Fi, Play areas and other entertainment. Every learner receives personal care and assistance at the hostel. Constant CCTV surveillance and the presence of 24 / 7 campus guards ensure high levels of student security. Withal, clinical training is imparted by a highly-trained and experienced faculty who has demonstrated capabilities in their respective fields.

International Campus

At the outset, UV Gullas College of Medicine encompasses sprawling campuses, world-class kitchen facilities, quality accommodation and other associated conveniences to students who study MBBS abroad.

The college consists of two campuses, one located within Ceby City and the other situated in the downtown area of Cebu City. An adjacent, well-equipped laboratory high school renders academic support. Encircling the Gullas College of Medicine and the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital rests the College of Dentistry and Nursing, which is also an autonomous campus located in the Banilad area of Mandaue City. Formerly known as Mandaue Academy, another campus is located in downtown Cambaro, Mandaue City and is today popularly known as The Gullas College of Medicine Mandaue.

A part of the University of the Visayas system, The Gullas Medical Center in Banilad, Mandaue City, houses several services pertinent to medical studies. The provisions are immense for students across all of the following locations.

  • Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital
  • Gullas College of Medicine
  • University of the Visayas College of Nursing
  • Gullas College of Dentistry
  • Tan Kim Ching Cancer Center


A fully-equipped Cosmetic Surgery Center along with other related health resources is also in the offing. Accredited by Phil Health, the Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, a 100-bed facility, providing superior tertiary care to its patients.

Department of Medical Education Clinical Skill Unit

Simulation training is one of the latest methodologies used in training health care personnel. Using parallelly reproduced situations, health care providers can respond to real-time circumstances better than in a non-simulated environment. Where actual patients cannot be replaced, the Clinical Skill Unit of UV Gullas uses advanced technology to ensure that the interns, residents, students and other allied health care providers receive simulation training, which also accounts to safety during learning. While mistakes are a valuable part of the learning process, the simulation environment does not put patients at risk.

The students are provided with quality materials for meticulous learning. Besides simulation, the learners get to function in a state-of-the-art-facility where work is well-structured and the environment is absolutely worry-free. With continuous revisions of the curriculum, new ideas are imbibed by budding health care professionals every day due to which a sense of innovation is deeply ingrained into them. UV Gullas finds the most efficient and effective ways of imparting medical education at every level.


Food and Accommodation

Campus accommodations are provided along with food, for all students who enroll with the UV Gullas College of Medicine. Equipped with a complete range of facilities, we ensure that the students are housed in a home away from home. Delicious dishes are served according to ethnic Indian tastes and traditions. Wi-Fi is available round-the-clock. A huge study hall encourages students to collaborate and work better. There are separate housekeeping staffs for cleaning the rooms. At a nominal cost, laundry facilities are offered as well. Clean drinking water is made available through a water purifier equipped with RO technology. A separate parking area for vehicles is marked for those who commute from a little farther away from their study area within the campus. Students are provided with a highly-secure and hassle-free study environment with the availability of CCTV and 24-hour security guards who keep a vigil across the campus. To study low cost MBBS in Philippines, reach out to the UV Gullas College of medicine admission office for more information.



It is our vision to provide to every talented student with accessibility to functional, high-grade studies at affordable costs. We endeavor to improve educational reach ability through innovation and strategy while even contributing to enhancement in quality of life for deserving individuals.


For internships undertaken in the Philippines itself, the exposure is higher when compared to foreign medical graduation programs. This is predominantly due to enforced regulations that impel students to undertake internships in both government and private medical sectors.

Internships at Private Hospitals

During their tenure, within a private hospital, the interns get an in-depth view of operational workflows, seamless processes and a streamlined system of functioning within the facility. They also get extensive exposure to the handling of generic disease conditions and state-of-the-art technology that is used to address such conditions. Besides these students also perceive efficient post-operative care that is undertaken for patients with prolonged illnesses.

Internships at Government Hospitals

When exposed to the government infrastructure, students get to learn more about rare diseases, their inception, and its spread in the lower class of society in general. The interns get to understand the disparity in patient psychology and how mass disease structures and epidemics are managed.


Prepare for an internship in India after your graduation in the Philippines. Country rules and regulations require every graduate to attempt the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) or the MCI screening test to apply for an internship. The examination is conducted twice within one year.

United States

While it does seem like an opportunity to gain an internship in the United States, this program is specifically available for those who are particularly willing to settle down in the United States. The UV Gullas College of Medicine paves the way to success for every deserving student and is also regarded as one of the superior gateways for those who aspire to study and live in the USA.


Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

One of the leading government-owned hospitals, in Cebu City, the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center is an 800-bed facility that was named in the honor of Senator Vicente Sotto.

Having started off very small, this tertiary medical center houses a training facility and distinguished faculty to impart medical education. Vicente Sotto during his time as senator of the Philippines was instrumental in transitioning many activities but one of his primary achievements was his authorship of the Press Freedom Law also known as the Sotto Law.

The center located in B. Rodriguez Street, Sambag I, Cebu City encompasses many services in its infrastructure. The hospital is well equipped with advanced equipments for treatment for various complicated diseases.

Chong Hua Medical Center

The Chong Hua Hospital is a noble institution that values life over money. This industry leader in treatments is located in Cebu City, Philippines and is also a non-profit organization. Owned by the Asociación Benévola de Cebú, this was only the third hospital in the country and the first medical center in the Visayas and Mindanao.

This 660-bed facility encompasses world-class facilities and also uses a fully integrated healthcare system to render high-profile customer care. With provisions at par with some of the most respected hospitals around the world, the Chong Hua Medical Center is an 11-storey tall twin-tower building located in the very heart of Cebu City.The hospital is very famous in cebu region with higly experienced doctors. This is a multi speciality hospital facilitated with operation teaters and equipments.

Perpetual Succour Hospital

The University of Perpetual Help System was established around 1968 and constitutes of the Perpetual Help Hospital and a college that trains doctors, nurses and other allied arm professionals involved in healthcare. PSHM is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified. Already tutoring more than 40,000 students on an average, this institution is a full-fledged general hospital that employs more than 4,000 teaching and non-teaching staff.

The university and medical center is spread across 9 campuses and has been rendering world-class services over the past 4 decades. PSHM offers a wide array of services mainly Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgical, and Advanced medical treatments. An affiliate of the UV Gullas College of Medicine- UV College of Nursing, PSHM also aids in the training of the future nurses. Continuous renovations and expansions promise a comfortable ambience conductive to modern health care. These and more make PSHM one of the eminent private hospitals in Cebu city today.




CDU Hospital

The original idea of constructing a hospital which could be considered as Modern Medical Center in this part of the Philippines and which would be controlled by the physicians themselves in order to give the utmost in convenience and well-being to the patients had been the brainchild of Dr. Jose Borromeo. He was instrumental in grouping together 30 doctors who organized themselves into the hospital project in the latter part of 1962. The CDU Hospital is a private medical university that was established sometime in 1975. In 1976, it was officially registered with the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission and finally, in 2004, the CHED or Commission on Higher Education granted it a University Status. The Hospital offers a variety of Senior High School, Undergraduate, Graduate and College of Medicine programs, CDU Hospital also encompasses impeccable student guidance centers besides possessing various amenities such as fully air-conditioned rooms, 24-hour security, Wi-Fi and CCTV surveillance


Medicine in Philippines

According to research, students save at least 70% on cost when they opt to study MBBS in Philippines. Considered one of the most affordable destinations in the world, to study medicine, the country also possesses a proven educational model with distinctive and lofty standards. Training mediums are in English while the qualification that you acquire is acceptable across major healthcare institutions around the globe. Culturally extremely welcoming, and also as one of the leading English-speaking countries in Southeast Asia, accessibility to higher education in the Philippines, is also rather prominent.

At a Glance

  • No Donations
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • The medium of instruction remains English
  • Excellent quality of education
  • Acceptable Student-Patient Ratios
  • Cost of living is nominal
  • Practical system of education
  • World-class technological features


Gullas College of Medicine – Study MBBS in Philippines

Students who are aspiring to become a doctor can study MBBS in Philippines. Here, we, the Gullas College of Medicine, are offering a high-quality education at a comparatively lower fee structure. And it is worth spending for the quality of inputs and exposure that you get here.


Why University of Visayas?

Gullas College of Medicine is one of the highly preferred medical colleges in Philippines. The curriculum offered by us matches with the latest standards and provides the students with much required international exposure which shall increase their confidence and offer the best experience. We offer excellent hands on training to our students. They begin to assist the doctors at hospital after the completion of first year. This guarantees the well grooming of the students as successful doctors. Becoming a doctor is a long journey and the one with us will be the best learning phase of your life.

The medium of instruction is English

English is one of the official languages spoken in Philippines. So, all your learning will be in English here. Hence, there is no need to learn a new language.

Low fee structure

For MBBS admission in Philippines, there is no donation required. And besides this, the Philippines medical college’s fees are low comparatively. This makes it affordable for Indian students. And the course duration ranges from 5 to 6 years.


Ideal Student to Patient Ratio

We are associated with multiple hospitals with over 2000 active patient beds in the region. As a result our students are able to gain adequate practical knowledge as they pursue their course.

American System of Education

We, in UV Gullas Medical College, follow the American system of education which is among the best in the world.

Access to several daily flights

The Philippines is well connected to a large no. of National and international Aircraft carriers. India is more culturally attached to Philippines as it also belongs to the Asian continent and the people here are very friendly and helpful in nature.

Food, Accommodation and Safety


In the canteens and hostels of Gullas College of medicine, we offer Indian food. Furthermore, there are many restaurants in most cities in Philippines serving Indian food.


The cost of living and accommodation is comparatively cheaper here and can be afforded easily. Even the travel expense within the country is less.


The UV Gullas Medical College ensures a secured living for the foreign students.Therefore, with English being the medium of instruction, the Philippines MBBS College has been attracting Indian students who look for study destinations abroad. Those students who study MBBS in Philippines perform well in the MCI Screening Test as compared to other countries.

Besides this, it is observed that the medical students passing out from the medical colleges in Philippines have an excellent record of over 90% success rate in MCI screening test. This is because the medical education in the Philippines is of a very high standard and follows the American pattern of teaching.