Ilia State University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in Social Work, Medieval Studies, Art Studies, archaeology, Soviet Studies, Public Policy, Religion Studies, Music, Theatre Studies, Foreign Languages, History, European Studies, Sociology, Psychology, International Relations, Political sciences, Education, Liberal Arts, and Philosophy.

Ilia State University also offer programs in Business administration, Marketing, Economics, Management, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Green Architecture, Law and Legal Studies, Sustainable Development, Mineral Resources Management, Energy Management, New Materials, Nano-engineering, Natural and Forest Resource Management, Nutrition Sciences, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Ecology and Genetics, Biochemistry, Neurosciences, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy.


Ilia State University is ranked 2nd in Georgia and amongst top 1600 universities in the world by the Center for World University Rankings CWUR. The university is also ranked 2nd in Georgia and amongst top 22% universities globally by the EduRank University Rankings.

Ilia State University is ranked 2nd in Georgia by the UniRank university rankings and has received institutional accreditation from the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia. The university is also a member of Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, Science on Stage Europe, and Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics.

Established in 2006 as a merger of six different institutions, each having a long history and a diverse institutional profile, Ilia State University justly occupies the top position among research universities in South Caucasus.


Its 4 faculties (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine, Faculty of Business, Technology and Education, and School of Law) offer distinctive training in their respective directions and along with 30 large and small scale research institutes, centres and stations – create in-depth research opportunities in social sciences, humanities, business, law, life sciences, earth sciences, and hard sciences.

ISU’s mission revolves around three main principles: Unity of Teaching and Research, Unity of Liberal and Specialized Education, and Unity of Universal and Local.
ISU has secured a unique position in Georgia’s educational system for its contribution to science popularization, boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the country and actively carrying out social responsibility projects. With the highest competition rate for PhD programs in the nation, extensive international ties, around 16,000 students, over 1,500 highly qualified academic and research staff, and with renovated research infrastructure in several of Georgia’s regions, ISU has become one of the most desirable universities to study and work for in the country.