MH Samorita Medical College is a private medical school in Bangladesh. Monno Medical College started its journey from 2010.  MH Samorita Medical College is affiliated by Dhaka University.

MH Samorita Medical College and Dental Unit have taken steps to fulfil this gap and aspiration of the students in the prevailing situation. There is also a 500 bedded teaching hospital attached to MH Samorita Medical College. This Hospital is a well equipped hospital delivering both general and specialized services including ICU, CCU, NICU, HDU & Dialysis unit.

This Medical College and attached Hospital as a centre of excellence keeping its quality, cost and satisfaction of all stakeholders and with great respect to our cultures and values. It has already traversed 4 years by winning these challenges. Now the college has gained confidence to become capable to educate national and foreign students. From last session the college intends admission of students from other countries.

At present the college has about 115 BDS students in five batches, starting from 2010-2011 sessions. After regular inspection and evaluation of the academic performance and the facilities available in the college, the Dhaka University, Ministry of Health and Family welfare of Bangladesh Government and BM & DC has permission for admission of 20 foreign students in BDS from 2015-2016 academic sessions

Address: 117 Tejgaon, Love Road, Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh