Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking | MBBS in Russia 2022-23

Astrakhan State Medical University

Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking

Astrakhan State Medical University Russia was founded in the year of November 9, 1918. It is one of the prestigious Medical universities in Russia. It is located in the city of Astrakhan, Russia. Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking Russia is formerly known as Astrakhan State Pedagogical University. Studying MBBS in Russia is easy, cheap and flexible.

Astrakhan Medical University Russia can cover more than 30000 students every year for medical education. Astrakhan State Medical University provided high-quality education. The college offers the best teaching standards and offers hands-on practice through its well-equipped hospitals and its tertiary care units. The course fee in this college is extremely affordable and the college offers excellent accommodation facilities with access to Indian Food.

Why MBBS in Russia? | Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking

Russian Medical Universities are ranked 30th out of the top 100 Medical Universities in the world, according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) “Directory of World Medical Schools. 

Renowned Alumni- Pass-outs from Russian Medical Universities are currently working in the world’s leading hospitals.

Globally Affiliated, Accredited, and Recognized Universities- All universities are recognized by WHO and the Medical Councils of leading countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, Australia, India, and Canada.

Subsidized fee structure- The Russian government funds the majority of universities. As a result, the fee is subsidized by the Russian Ministry of Health and Education, making education accessible to all.

Resourceful universities- Russia has nearly 57 resourceful universities in terms of infrastructure, technological advancements, qualified lecturers, and so on.

Course Length- The duration of the MBBS programme in Russia in English is six years. Students may also choose to pursue an MBBS in Russian Medium, which is a 7-year programme with an additional year of Russian Language Training (Preparatory Faculty).

Founded in 1932, Astrakhan State Medical University is situated in Astrakhan, Russia. Astrakhan State Medical University is one of the oldest and largest scientific and educational complexes known for offering quality MBBS education to all international students at an affordable cost. It is one of the most desired medical universities to study MBBS in Russia amongst Indian medical students. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation founded this Russian medical university!

Astrakhan State Medical University is known to offer unique and quality MBBS education to all medical students coming from different countries of the world. Some of the educational programs are included in the ranking of Russia’s best educational programs. The availability of programs and their ranking draws thousands of Russians as well as foreign students to study MBBS at Astrakhan State Medical University and achieve their dream of studying MBBS in Russia. At present, there are about 13,000 students studying MBBS at Astrakhan State University including 2,000 international students. Astrakhan State Medical University also offers an opportunity for the students to learn 16 foreign languages while studying MBBS in Russia at Astrakhan State Medical University.

Astrakhan State Medical University actively develops international relationships which helps in the overall personality of each and every enrolled medical student. Astrakhan State Medical University runs the UNESCO chair “The Learning Society and Human Sustainable Development”. There are various programs and projects that the Astrakhan State Medical University jointly associated with other institutions in Russia and other countries of the world. At present, Astrakhan State Medical University is in partnership with more than 80 leading Foreign Universities, organizations, and companies from 20 different countries. Through international tie-ups, cultural, research, and information centers have been established.

In the year 2009-10, Astrakhan State Medical University also gained a ‘European Quality Certificate’ and a gold medal for winning a title in the list of ‘100 Best Russian State Universities’.

Medical graduates after completing MBBS from Astrakhan State Medical University currently work in over 103 countries. Currently, around 6000 students are enrolled here with 2000 of students hailing from international countries, studying MBBS at Astrakhan State Medical University. The faculty staff include 1000+ professors who are highly-skilled and experienced.

Faculties at Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Physics & Technology
  • Faculty of Mathematics & Information Technologies
  • Faculty of Architecture & Design
  • Faculty of Agribusiness, Technologies &
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Faculty of Geology & Geography
  • Chemical Faculty
  • Biological Faculty
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Pedagogics & Social Work
  • Faculty of Physical Training & Sports
  • Historical Faculty
  • Faculty of Social Communications
  • Law Faculty
  • Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Faculty of Philology & Journalism
  • Faculty of Business & Economy
  • Faculty of World Economy & Management

Benefits of Study MBBS in Russia | Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking

  • No donation or capitation fee is required for admission in any university in Russia.
  • Low tuition fees and affordable living cost at low expenses.
  • No other entrance test for admission in Medical university.
  • Medium of teaching is English, so there is no need to learn the local languages.
  • World class infrastructure provided by universities of Russia with modern equipment.
  • The MBBS degree obtained from Russia is recognized by UNESCO, WHO, MCI, European council and others.

Our Assistance for MBBS Admission in Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking

Shristi Education is one of the best and structured for those who want to study abroad. We guide and support the students to study MBBS and shape the future of students. We supported more than 10,000 students to get admission in abroad universities without any donation charges with well facilities. We also guide students step by step process for admission and also give guidance for visa processing. Our best consultants are always ready to provide you with the most accurate and effective guidance to study in abroad.

Student Life at Astrakhan State Medical University

Astrakhan State Medical University Ranking is on top when compared to other univerisities in russia and it is one of the best universities in Russia to study MBBS in Russia at an affordable cost. All enrolled local and international MBBS students who get the chance to study MBBS in Russia at Astrakhan State Medical University get the chance to witness and experience the best and comfortable stay in and around the university campus during the 6 years of MBBS program. Astrakhan State Medical University features7 dormitories with 1500 beds where all enrolled international students including Indian medical students can choose double or triple sharing to stay while studying at the university to study MBBS in Russia. The university provides many amenities to all its enrolled international students to ensure their comfort and holistic development while they study MBBS at Astrakhan State Medical University.

There are 3 gyms, 2 open sports areas, a movie and concert hall with 600 seats, a swimming pool, a Healthcare center with 38 beds, specially made for the students, so that students can have a healthy lifestyle too, while studying MBBS at Astrakhan State Medical University.

Shristi education is an exclusive contractor of Astrakhan State Medical University (ASMU), Russia for MBBS Study for Indian students. We invites statewise representative and channel partners to work with direct university! Call us on +91 9909000015 /+91 9909616015 or fill in the below form to speak to our team.

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    Последовали примеру российских коллег и в Казахстане, где уголовное производство началось летом 2020 года. Руководители казахского филиала Телетрейд и дочерней компании Wall Street Invest Partners сейчас находятся в следственном изоляторе.

    Чтобы замять уголовные дела в России, руководители Телетрейд Сергей Шамраев, Олег Суворов и Мингиян Манжиков дают взятки чиновникам в Следственном Комитете РФ — ежемесячно «отстегивают» им около 20% от поступлений, а это сотни тысяч. И не рублей, а долларов. По инсайдерской информации руководство Телетрейд в России заставляют также финансировать боевые действия на Востоке Украины — мошенники отдают на это еще 10% от поступлений. Если рассматривать деятельность Телетрейд и с этой стороны, то мошенник Сергей Сароян, как директор Телетрейд, не только обворовывает своих сограждан страны, а еще и финансирует боевиков ДНР и ЛНР, отнимающих жизни украинцев.

    Вызывает удивление тот факт, что в Украине деятельность Телетрейд на протяжении четверти века никто не проверяет. Количество обманутых клиентов брокера огромно. Мошенниками ежемесячно выводятся в офшоры миллионы долларов. Но пока правоохранительные органы не замечают, или не хотят замечать, противозаконной деятельности брокера. По сведениям из источников внутри компании Сергей Сароян рассказывает своим подчиненным — управляющим офисов в Украине, что им не нужно ничего бояться, так как руководство Департамента киберполиции Украины сидит у него на «зарплате». Вот так безнаказанно (пока!) Сергей Сароян разоряет украинцев, подрывает экономику Украины и спонсирует российскую агрессию на Донбассе.

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